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Haitian men

You may have heard many of the typical stereotypes concerning Haitian men. Such as Haitian men aren’t faithful, they lack personality and culture. However, these are more than not, stereotypes that people have wrongly implied through generations. There are many reasons why Haitian men can make the perfect partner, lover or husband.

Music and dance in embedded within Haitian culture. If you find yourself dating a Haitian man, be sure to ask them to take you for a dance night out. Traditionally, Haitian men enjoy dancing to African rhythms mixed with Spanish beats. The combination of influences creates a unique sound that will make you want to dance all night long. Wyclef Jean is a well-established Haitian musician. His music is a combination of hip-hop beats and relaxing rhythms.

As well as music, Haitian cuisines are also made up from a mix of different cultures. Haitian food is somewhat similar to other Latin-Caribbean areas. Haitian food is full of spices and bold tasty flavours. Haitian men are actually very good cooks. In restaurants it is common that the chef will be male. They are very skilled when it comes to cooking many different foods from all across the world. So if you are looking to find a partner that can dance and cook, Haitian men just might just be the answer!

Most Haitian men are religious. According to Wikipedia, Haiti is largely a Christian country. Approximately 80% of the population are Roman Catholics. There are also a proportion of Haitian people that are Muslims and Hindus. With nearly all Haitian people following a religion, it’s very unlikely that Haitian men lack culture. After all, religion is what shapes a huge part of cultures. If you are looking for someone that has faith in a religion, then a Haitian man might be a good choice for you.

Haitian men are skilled at dancing, impressive cooks and are usually religious. Given these facts it is likely that stereotypes that are often repeated are merely myths. Yes there may be a lot of articles or peoples blogs criticising Haitian men, but it’s important to check the reliability of such sources of information. For example, many bloggers that write negatively about Haitian men are usually those that are going through a break-up with one! Therefore, it’s not surprising that they hold bias towards painting a less appealing image of Haitian men. Before you decide whether or not the stereotypes are true regarding Haitian men, consider the points made in this article first.

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